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Best Artificial Grass

Choosing the best artificial grass for your home or business isn’t only about appearances. You want to get the most cost-effective option that will last for years. At Elite Grass, we offer a selection of options suitable for the home or sports grounds. With so many options available, choosing the best artificial grass for you can seem overwhelming. With this guide, you can make an informed choice based on your budget and needs. 


In the garden, you want artificial grass that is realistic looking, hard-wearing, low-maintenance, and safe for children and pets. Look for grass that has:

  • Natural grass shades
  • Fibres cut in different lengths
  • Both straight and curled fibres
  • A soft feel
  • Hard-wearing fibres
  • Memory fibre pile for quick recovery
  • Permeable backing to reduce smell
  • Cooler yarn which absorbs less heat


Artificial Grass Installation

  Best Artificial Grass  




Whether you’re looking for the best artificial grass for playing sports in the garden or for commercial sports spaces, then you need something very durable. You might also need grass designed for a specialist purpose, such as putting greens. Look for artificial turf that has:

  • Hard-wearing and durable fibres
  • Natural grass shades
  • A heavy-duty pile for bounce back
  • Pile designed for the specific sport, such as deep, soft pile for football, or a shorter pile for Golf tee zones

You can find options designed for specific sports, but all turf designed for sports should be durable in order to reduce the risk of bare patches, divots and ruts forming that could cause accidents and injuries, like twisted ankles. 

Play Areas

Schools and play areas are opting for artificial turf, for obvious reasons. The best artificial grass for spaces like this needs to:

  • Have durable and long-lasting fibres
  • Be flexible to fit odd shapes around play equipment
  • Be cost-effective
  • Be low-maintenance upkeep
  • Not become slippy in wet weather
  • Not go patchy after heavy use
  • Not cause grass stains
  • Have excellent drainage
  • Offer fall protection with a deep pile

The best artificial grass will depend on what you need it to do and where you intend to use it. The best grass for tee areas on a golf course will be very different from the best grass for a garden in a home with small children and a dog. 

Best Artificial Grass


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The best way to get the best artificial grass for you is to get in touch with us at Elite Artificial Grass. Our team can spend time with you discussing what you need to your grass to do, whether you want something for a pristine lawn at home, or for a football pitch at your business. We can also recommend the best option for your budget and maintenance requirements. 

Elite Grass is part of the Elite group of companies that offer specialist property services across the UK. Elite Artificial Grass provides a range of artificial lawn products that are ideal for your garden at home, as well as commercial spaces like schools and play areas. An artificial lawn can transform your space, giving a vibrant appearance while remaining almost entirely maintenance-free. 

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