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Artificial Grass For Pets

With an ever changing climate here in the UK, and an ever increasing number of pets coming to live with us, natural grass has never been under more pressure and artificial grass for pets is becoming increasingly popular. Where once we would see lush green lawns, we now see patchy, muddy and unusable lawns. Muddy paws lead to muddy floors.

Artificial grass is the ideal replacement for those unusable muddy areas. Where once it looked like to inside of a green grocers shop our new range of artificial grass is as near to real turf that you will find anywhere in the UK.

“Will my artificial grass smell of pet urine?”

If the preparation is completed correctly then absolutely not.  A professional artificial grass installation should be wholly self cleaning however to achieve this several stages have to done in the correct order and using the correct materials.

  Artificial Grass For Pets  

It is vital that the membrane is laid in the correct position within the substructure, equally as important is the type of membrane used, it has to be completely porous thus allowing any fluids to pass through and in to the water table. It is also paramount that the correct aggregate is used preferably one that has neutralising properties. Its is also imperative that a holding drainage layer is used to allow for the summer months where rain is scarce. The most critical part and must never under any circumstances be done, is to allow your installer to use a sand infill. This merely blocks the drainage holes and holds any fluids to stay within the grass pile leading to horrendous smell.. 

Only the correct installation allows the installation to be truly self cleaning.


"Are there any chemicals I can use to eliminate the odour?"

There are lots on the market place however none give any long lasting protection from smell. 

The only antidote is prevention and this comes with the correct installation process.



Artificial Grass For Pets

"Is there a particular artificial grass that is best for pets?"

Artificial grass is exactly that “artificial grass.” There are lots of companies that make wild claims that their grass is better for pets, when the reality it is made of the same materials as every other artificial grass. This is done to achieve a higher price per square metre and is absolutely not of any greater benefit. The critical factors in a successful pet friendly are:

The correct installation of the groundworks. Prevention is the only option as there really is certainly no cure. 

Ensure to use a quality European artificial grass that does not stain. It’s also vital to ensure that it is of a quality where in the summer months it does not suffer from excessive heat retention rendering it unusable by your pets and children.

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