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Artificial Grass For Schools

Artificial surfaces have become a more common occurrence in this day and age. While the days of muddy pitches and cut-up natural grass are still around, many are preferring to opt for something a little more manufactured. 

More and more schools around the country (and the world) are electing to go with artificial surfaces with regard to their sports pitches – and sometimes even their recreational areas – for a wide variety of reasons. 3G and 4G surfaces are going to be a lot more prevalent in the years to come, so if you want your school to keep up with the rest, then you might want to consider this kind of change. Here are some benefits for schools should they choose artificial grass:

It’s Much Safer For The Kids

While natural turf isn’t something of an extreme health hazard, surfaces such as 4G artificial turf and the previous generation have a soft underbelly, allowing a sort of cushion effect. This makes everything a lot easier for them to deal with. It’s healthier in terms of their feet and they won’t have to deal with impact injuries as frequently or significantly. 

  Artificial Grass For Schools  



It Costs A Lot Less In The Long-Term

While the initial installation fee will be something you’ll consider, the long-term cost is nothing compared to natural turf that must be worked on regularly. Once the turf is laid, very little else needs to be done. Natural turf will need to be inspected frequently because many flaws can develop quickly – artificial turf will need no water and will not cut up as easily. 

You Get A More Professional And Prettier Look 

With artificial turf, you have a fully-manufactured surface that has been designed by experts to look the part. Each blade will be equal to the last. It will look neat and symmetrical for the entirety of its life. Those who visit will be impressed with the neatness and the professional presentation. This kind of aesthetic and function can go a long way in terms of the reputation you’re trying to build and maintain. 

Artificial Grass For Schools

Children Are Prepared In The Best Possible Way 

Football teams, rugby teams, hockey teams, cricket teams, and so many other teams your school might have will need to train and practice in the right environment. Kids will enjoy playing on even the toughest of surfaces if they’re interested enough, but a fantastic pitch will help an awful lot. It will enhance their skills and allow them to develop even quicker. They’ll then be ready for real game situations when competitive action begins. 

So, if you’re looking for a new option in terms of your school field needs, then we’ll be able to give you what you need here at Elite. Years of experience will speak for us, so a quick look at our work will speak volumes. 

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