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Artificial Grass For Schools

Like never before has there been a greater need for children to be outside in the fresh air, there also has never before been a more vital time to provide a clean safe environment in which our children can play. Here at Elite, we provide artificial grass for schools that will ensure an all year round outdoor area for children.

Our climate is no longer conducive to growing the green lush grassed areas of old, most are now wet unusable areas of mud, the only options available are to stop outside play during the winter months or to replace old and usable play areas with a synthetic surface that children can use all year round.

Children need the health benefits that only fresh air and direct sunlight can give especially in those dark winter months when non synthetic areas are inaccessible. Its proven that lack of sunlight and outside play has a detrimental effect on our children’s well being and development. Group play and activities provide social interaction and help develop the social skills our children will need later in life.

  Artificial Grass For Schools  



Elite Artificial Grass For Schools

Here at Elite sports and play surfaces we understand what is required to create an area that is fun and safe for children to use. Their imagination knows no bounds so the design, planning and installation must be equally as imaginative.

Our years of nationwide experience installing artificial grass for schools and nurseries has given us a reputation as the “go to” company for sports and play surfaces. Our knowledgeable and professional team will guide you through the design, planning and installation of your sports and play surface. We even have an in house team to submit any planning applications required. We only use the very best products and we source  them directly from the UK and Europe.


Elite Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass For Schools

Help With Funding Your Artificial Grass 

Here at Elite Sports and Play Surfaces we are not naive enough to think finances aren't a fundamental barrier to installation, and that given the choice everyone in the UK would want descent sports and play surfaces for our children, here at Elite Sports and Play Surfaces its our passion for this to become a reality.

We have worked extensively with government and financial institutions to develop a turn key solution that allows every child in the UK to have access to a clean and safe sports and play surface. This is backed by the Department for Education.

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