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Artificial Grass Installation Training

Are you thinking of becoming an artificial grass installer?

Would you like a financially rewarding career in a massive growth business?

Artificial grass has become hugely popular in the UK with more and more homeowners and business using it as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lawns. The demand for artificial grass currently outweighs the number of installers and so the time has never been better to make the leap into artificial grass installation training.

Our artificial grass installation training is FREE and we are able to offer you ‘on the job’ training with our teams of professional installers where you will learn all aspects of installing artificial grass to our very high standards. Where possible, the training will take place in your local area.

Course Content:

  • Measuring correctly (where a lot of fitters fall down)
  • Area preparation
  • Base work
  • Laying and securing grass
  • Cutting and joining (critical skill)
  • Tools, equipment and materials
  • Finishing touches

In Depth 'On The Job' Training

You will learn the various types of artificial grass, the differences in quality and performance. What grass to lay on what surface, what grass is best for customers with pets and how to purchase the right grass.

We will take you through the steps of preparing the base for your customer’s new grass, including the clearing and removal of the existing lawn. We will teach you about drainage and how to lay and prepare the correct base.

You will be taught how to lay and secure artificial grass so that it looks perfect on completion, perfectly flat with no bumps and hidden seams. Cutting and joining is an essential skill that can make all the difference to a newly laid artificial lawn.


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