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Artificial Grass For Gardens

At Elite Artificial Grass, we are the trusted experts in the best quality artificial grass for gardens. We provide our clients with top-quality and affordable artificial grass that completely transforms indoor or outdoor recreational spaces. Today's products are so realistic that you will think you are looking at an absolutely perfect strip of expertly-maintained lawn, but one that requires no maintenance or upkeep.


We stock a wide range of artificial grass solutions to suit all types of gardens. From hard-wearing outdoor artificial grass products which are perfectly designed to withstand sport and active families, through to high-end and luxurious grasses that provide a landscape designer's dream finish, you'll love the range, choice and quality on offer. PLUS we are one of only a few companies in Europe that offer 100% recyclable artificial grass for gardens.


Low Maintenance

Real grass actually takes up a lot of time when it is looked after properly. It should be mowed at the right time of year. There should be grass seed spread in patches, and it might well need watering in the summer, and protected in the winter. 

Pesticides and weed killer are also commonly required to keep a lawn look manicured and lush. The problem is pesticides and weed killer is not pet friendly, child friendly or wildlife-friendly. They damage the environment and are generally harmful. 

Although people of all ages benefit from artificial grass, it can be particularly significant for the elderly and those with mobility issues. The low maintenance of artificial grass means they can enjoy a green lawn all year round - without the cost of a gardener to do it or to do it themselves. 


Artificial Grass For Gardens Artificial Grass For Gardens    


Key benefits of artificial grass

Our artificial grass range is the highest grade grass product. Some of our commercial customers even choose to have artificial grass in their interior spaces to create eye-catching, branded and experiential spaces that delight employees and customers alike.

  Extend your home with a beautiful garden
  Reduce your maintenance time and costs
 Aesthetic garden beauty all year round
 Certified and insured installers

Prepare your garden for the Spring!

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