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Artificial Grass Laying Service

The fitting of artificial grass is an art and in particular attaining the right finish when fitting luxury artificial grass makes experience absolutely critical. Due to the thickness and weave of the pile, cutting it correctly, particularly around objects ensuring pile cover is very difficult, an understanding of the way pile runs and reacts when cut is paramount. Larger areas are beyond the skill set of most artificial grass companies.

It’s a fact that in most installations Joints are required if the installer is not skilled in bonding techniques, they will be visible. The fact that most companies use pins or nails to secure the installation and pins and tape for joints shows a distinct lack of experience. Pins move, nails rust and leave orange dots around the perimeter known as nail bleed and tape degrades and the joints come apart.

Here at Elite Artificial Grass we are pleased to offer an exclusive service known as partial fit. If you are a builder, landscaper or it’s a DIY project we are happy to take the worry away from you. If you are an artificial grass installer that lacks the skill set to complete large installations we are happy to shoulder the responsibility.

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If you want to complete the groundworks, we will supply the very finest luxury artificial grass from our Elite Ultra Luxury range. We will then professionally install it, ensuring its secure using the very best techniques, join it using the very latest bonding technique and dress it with our specialist petrol artificial grass power brush for a perfect seamless installation every time.


Our fitters have years of experience fitting artificial grass, they understand pile match and direction. They understand how to prepare joints, they have vast experience jointing long runs of artificial grass and we are experts at preparing and completing unseen end joints. We have completed installations well over 500m2 so we have the experience, skill set  and knowledge to confidently fit any size of installation.


Don’t leave it to chance get the best Luxury artificial grass fitted by the best artificial grass installers.


If you would like advice on constructing the base please feel free to contact us.