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Tired of trying to maintain a grass lawn? Fed up of looking at a permanently boggy strip of land, or weeds which constantly pop up on your grass no matter how hard you keep them under control? At Elite, we are the trusted experts in leading artificial grass solutions. We provide our clients with a top-quality and affordable product that completely transforms indoor or outdoor recreational spaces. GET A QUOTE

Perfect For Your Garden

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality artificial grass service.

Perfect For Pets

We lay a specialist sub base to absorb child & pet 'mess' and leaves no nasty smells.

Luxury Grass

Artificial grass is manufactured on virtually every continent in the world and as one can assume with that comes varying different qualities. Most of it is manufactured for display purposes only, therefore rendering it unfit for outside use. Unfortunately it’s sold here in the UK for outside use and only when it is to late does it become apparent. Here at Elite Artificial Grass we have used our knowledge and expertise to bring you only the very best in Luxury grass - available as a full installation or as a supply only option (plus our grass is available to hire). We only have it produced in one factory by one company and in one continent Europe. Only this European manufactured grass offers you the very best and long lasting product, it is designed for use outdoors here in the UK and it withstands all mother nature can throw at it giving you a great looking lawn all year around. Unlike most, we do not sell artificial grass from any other continent. The quality of the product is unsurpassed. Natural looking, hard wearing and a great range of colours and pile make it the right choice if you are looking for a little bit of luxury in your garden. Our Elite Ultra Luxury range is pet treated to avoid staining, it is UV treated to avoid fading, and unlike most it is also designed to avoid excessive heat retention during the summer months thus allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year around. The quality of our artificial grass means it does not require antiquated procedures such as sand infill which only seeks to block the drainage holes, retain pet smells and give you mucky feet. We import the grass ourselves so there is no chain of people each adding cost.  

Elite Ultra Luxury Range

Here at Elite we make it our business to make sure you choose the right grass for your installation. Our service offers a completely different perspective to other suppliers. Rather than send you lots of small samples that do not show the grass in its true form, we send one of our specialist agents to show you a full size sample that you can touch and feel, the agents are not sales people they are specialists and they use their knowledge to help you chose the right grass for you. There are lots of different pile lengths, colours and textures available and its vital that you choose the one that’s suitable for your installation. If you are an active family, you will need a different grade of grass to someone that seeks it for merely decorative purposes. Unlike most they aren’t there to cajole you into an immediate decision, but rather to explain each product and offer up advice and expertise. Product range. We have installed many thousands of square metres of our superb grass and we know what it takes to attain the finish befitting your premises. That’s why we are ideally placed to offer you a product range that is unsurpassed by anyone in the UK. All of our products form part of the Elite Ultra luxury range. There is no difference in the cost per square metre across the whole range. We don’t allocate outlandish names to attain a better price per square metre, we only supply you the very best luxury artificial grass that we use every day on our own installations. We designate each luxury grade a number so as to differentiate colour and pile length. We will let you decide if you want to call it “Mayfair” or “Wimbledon”.

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About Elite

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to neglect your lawn by not watering it or cutting. On top of that there are weeds, grass seeds and ensuring that that there are no worn out patchy areas where there is a good level of activity. An artificial lawn could be the solution! Eliminating the strain of trying so hard to keep the grass looking green, it is a hassle free solution to an easier life. If you are looking to revamp your home, Elite can transform the tired appearance of your lawn through an artificial one, brining a spring fresh ever-green vibrance.  

We are a family run business.

Despite enjoying the challenge of reviving your home, our artificial lawn specialists are also available on a larger, commercial scale. If your business's lawn or recreational areas have seen better day, Elite can help transform these areas and help increase your business' visual appeal. All of our staff are fully trained and insured to work on your premises and, perhaps most importantly, always relish a new challenge!

Become an artificial grass installer.

We offer FREE artificial grass installation training. 'On the job' training courses available now for anyone that wants to become self employed, expand their skill set or experience a fresh and new challenge in this rewarding industry. Click here to apply.

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    Child & Pet Friendly
    Our specialist base is laid to absorb pet and child 'mess' - no nasty smells
    UV Protected
    NOT UV treated - No fading from sunlight. 20 YEAR GUARANTEE
    Free Consultations
    We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote
    European Grade
    Quality assured - Our grass is made in Europe and is not recycled
    Fairly Priced
    You only pay for the area covered - NO charges for off cuts
    Artificial Grass For Dogs & Pets
    Our pet friendly artificial grass is designed with dogs, cats and pets in mind. We use a unique triple layered, urine neutralising, self draining and cleaning base to prevent nasty pet smells. Our grass is completely protected from pet smells as it is installed using the correct method and base product.
    Gardens designed
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    Coverage Across The UK

    Elite can supply grass across the country. We have local advisors covering most regions who can visit you to discuss your requirements and offer you a FREE and NO OBLIGATION quote.
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