For a lot of people, autumn is their favourite time of the year, and Halloween has a lot to do with that! Arguably the most thrilling of holidays, Halloween is a time to get together and have some good old-fashioned scary fun.

If you’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit, and you want to ensure that your garden is the scariest in the neighbourhood, check out our top ideas for a Halloween garden that will make everyone envious (and more than a little scared) right now…

Fix up the garden first

First thing’s first, before you start to plan the spookiest of decorations to deliver a scare in the dead of night, you’re going to want to smarten up your garden a bit because, no matter how delightfully dreadful your decorations are, if they’re surrounded by weeds and other unsightly debris, your garden isn’t going to look its best.

Oh, and we’ve made sure that all of these ideas for decorating your Halloween garden are totally lawn/garden safe, so you don’t have to worry about them messing up your outdoor space.

Carve those pumpkins

Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns go hand in hand, and there is no denying that decorating your garden with lots and lots of gruesomely carved orange pumpkins is the most delightful way to raise and smile and hopefully deliver a scare or two at Halloween.

If you aren’t great at carving, there are various websites that allow you to download and print off templates of both traditional  Jack-O-Lantern faces and classic horror film greats like Dracula and Freddie Krueger, which are sure to impress the neighbours. Carve as many as you can and leave them on the porch, lining the drive, or even poking out from the bushes to really deliver a scare, but if you have artificial grass, be sure to leave a little gap between your lanterns and the lawn.

Spin a spider’s web

Using delicate white string, why not create your own giant spider’s web, complete with a giant spooky spider? This looks great in a spooky old tree, but you can also create a web on your porch if you prefer. 

Wire ghosts

If you’re the artistic type, get yourself as much chicken wire as you can manage, and bend it into the shape of human beings. Once places on the lawn, these creepy creations will look just like ghosts, especially in the misty moonlight of Halloween. This idea is one of the best for really creeping out passers-by.

Build your own graveyard

Halloween Garden

What could be more spooky than a misty graveyard on the very day when spirited are sid to roam the earth? Not much, which is why building your own graveyard, using styrofoam and paint to make your own headstones, is a great way to mark the occasion and creep everyone out. Oh, and be sure to hang a few sheets and maybe strategically place a zombie mask or two to up the creepiness factor and deliver a jump scare or two.

 Whatever you do this Halloween, keep it spooky!