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16 Nov 2020
Why Hire Artificial Grass?

Why Hire Artificial Grass?

Ever thought about using artificial grass hire? Read on to find out how artificial grass can elevate your trade fairs, or give you a lush green wedding any time of the year with artificial grass hire. 

If you are wondering what makes artificial grass higher so great, here is a list of reasons that you should consider it for your next event.


Artificial grass hire has been increasing in popularity, and people are always stunned at how beautiful it looks. Artificial grass really makes an impact on the decor of any event.

It worked with so many different colour schemes too, and a range of seasonal weddings. Artificial grass instantly makes the room look fresher and more welcoming. 

Not only that, but if you have found your perfect venue for say a wedding, but you hate the colour of the carpet, artificial grass can have that covered up in no time at all.


Almost everything about your event should say quality, but that does not mean that you and need to spend out. It might be that you have an outdoor area, attentive area, or a room. 

There is one thing that is certain, the carpet will have been used hundreds of times, and sometimes can look cheaper than what you’ve paid for the room. Synthetic grass has a classic and expensive look. 

Artificial grass, when laid, will quickly add to your decoration. That rich, lush green of the artificial grass is stunning, and incredibly cost-effective too.

And it will be one of the things that your guests talk about long after the event is over.

Artificial Grass For Hire


One of the most common things when walking on grass is that if you have high heels on the heel can go through the mud, or people can trip and fall unless your event is taking place on a  manicure and well-maintained lawn. There is a serious risk of real grass getting muddy and soggy due to adverse weather conditions too, making it more of a hazard for glamourous events. 

Artificial grass for your events usually takes all of the problems away. Not only would look great for your event, it means that your guests can wear the shoes that they want and walk comfortably around.


It’s one of the most important things when you are running an exhibition, a stand, or a small event. Or even a large event. You want to stand out from the crowd, and most people will just accept the floor that is already laid. 

However, you can change the game when you have artificial grass. Artificial grass, when used to decorate stands exhibitions really makes their trade stand, look unique. It seems bigger, brighter and even has a more natural and eco-green slant.

Artificial grass hire is perfect for your wedding, Cooper event, exhibitions and so much more. And one of the perks not mentioned above is how easy it is. Artificial grass is so low effort, and for how great it looks you won’t believe it.

16 Nov 2020
Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

Traditionally, teams would play sports on regular grass. But over recent times, there’s been a shift. Grass is no longer the gold standard it used to be. More and more organisations are switching to artificial turf for sports grounds. Playing sport on artificial grass is becoming a standard for both cost effectiveness and performance.

What’s driving this trend? We explain in detail below. 

Low Maintenance

Traditional team sports games have a nasty habit of churning up the grass. Studded football boots rip into the turf, causing it damage as players twist and change direction on the pitch. 

Artificial grass, however, doesn’t suffer from this problem. While it will slowly wear out over time, the process is nothing like as quick as for its biological counterpart. You’re able to field games week after week with practically no maintenance, besides the odd bit of washing here and there. There’s no need to reseed damaged sections; you don’t have to wait for the grass to recover between fixtures. And you avoid all of the usual expenses – like the costs of mowing. It’s just a lot easier. 


When the rain pours, traditional grass suffers. It becomes sodden quickly, and that increases the rate at which it degrades.

Artificial turf, though, is different. It can survive all weathers. And you don’t have to leave gaps between play to allow it to recover. It uses high-strength fibres to maintain a grass-like feel in all conditions, including rain and freezing ice. 

Fair Play And Consistency

Sometimes the smallest of factors can determine why one team beats another. The direction of the wind or what the players ate for breakfast can all make a material difference on the pitch. 

The same is true of the grass. Sometimes you can get a situation in which the quality of the grass varies as you move across the pitch. One end might be soggy and muddy, while the other is dry and in direct sunlight, affecting the passage of play. 

With artificial turf, that’s no longer a risk. You get perfect consistency across the pitch. And if a section does happen to become damaged, you can replace it relatively easily. 

Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

More Utility

While regular grass has some utility, it doesn’t have the range you get with artificial turf. You can’t just put it wherever you like and assume that it will thrive. Many grass pitches fail. 

That’s not the case with artificial turf. The altitude and elevation don’t matter. You could lay it at the top of a mountain or in the desert, and it would still provide the qualities you’re looking for the year-round ability for playing sport on artificial grass. 

Why Artificial Grass Is Better 

The cost of running and maintaining a standard grass pitch is high. You have to contend with mud, bare patches and flooding. And that drains you of resources. A big chunk of your budget goes on maintenance. And you deal with the inconvenience of being barred from playing during certain parts of the week. 

Artificial grass is much better. You no longer have to work around your pitches. Instead, they start working for you. And that’s ultimately what you want.