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13 Apr 2021
Hay Fever and Artificial Grass

Hay Fever And Artificial Grass

Spring and summer aren’t exactly what the 10 million people in the UK dealing with hay fever look forward to. From the puffy-eyed symptoms and the undesirable runny nose, different individuals are sensitive to varying allergies. However, studies have proposed that approximately 95% of people dealing with hay fever have grass pollen-triggered symptoms. 

Suffering seasonal allergies can be pretty frustrating since you get stuck indoors and miss out on fun outdoor activities such as gardening and outdoor parties. Fortunately, you no longer have to dread this season, yearning for winter’s cold and dark days. Although medication has improved in recent years to reduce these symptoms, there’s no hay fever cure yet. This means avoiding contact with grass pollen remains the most effective approach. 

How to effectively manage your hay fever symptoms

Ragweed pollen remains one of the most typical causes of seasonal allergies since one ragweed plant can create millions of pollen. Many individuals have struggled with pollen surge levels in cities like London and Tokyo, attributed to this species’ dominance in such areas. In 2016, an estimated 8,500 people were admitted to hospitals in a single day after a storm caused a pollen burst in Melbourne. 

Keep away from pesky pollen

Pollens transferred by insects usually are heavier, which presents less trouble for those with allergies, when deciding on your garden’s plants and trees, select species that depend on insect pollination, such as double varieties, large bright flowers and trumpet-shaped blooms. But what about Hay Fever and Artificial Grass? Astroturf is not a cure of course, but might help to reduce the level of pollen in your immediate area,

Get your timing right

Your timing is essential for dealing with hay fever symptoms. Pollen levels are noted to be at peak levels early morning, evening and during the night. However, it’s advisable to stay indoors within such periods. Warm, dry and windy weather conditions cause more pollen increase in the air, so always ensure to take necessary precautions like antihistamines and appropriate eyewear.  


  • It’s advisable to avoid hanging clothes out to dry in your garden since they can easily pick pollen from the atmosphere. 
  • While it’s okay to spend some time outdoors, limit the time spent outside, especially when pollen levels are high. 
  • Always shower and change clothes after spending time outdoors to get rid of any pollen on your body. 
  • Try artificial grass for your outdoor setting instead of natural grass, as it minimises your exposure to pollens.
  • Keep your vehicle windows closed when travelling. 
  • Your windows and entryways should always remain shut. Also, regularly vacuum your indoors to remove any present allergens. 
  • Before going out, ensure to check the weather forecast and pollen level and take necessary medication for any surprises. 

Hay Fever and Artificial Grass

Hay Fever and Artificial Grass

A practical solution recommended by experts for helping your allergy symptoms is the use of artificial grass. With the various alternatives available, artificial grass can be as pleasing as natural grass and offers a realistic approach to dealing with pollen contact. Chances are, you’ll still have pollen to deal with if your neighbour has a natural lawn. An AstroTurf is not a cure for your hay fever troubles, yet it enhances your home’s exterior and allows you to enjoy your garden during the season.

12 Apr 2021
Artificial Grass For Pets

Best Artificial Grass For Cats

If you’re planning to give your outdoor space a touch of artificial green carpet, you may be wondering if it is safe for your feline friend (if you have one) and what option could be the Best Artificial Grass For Cats. So, let’s consider which artificial grass is best for your cat. Today the use of synthetic grass has gone beyond sports stations and fields. Modern artificial grass comes with the design to add to the external beauty of homes and other properties. 

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Before we go into the best grass for cats list, it is essential to take a look at some of the benefits of using artificial grass for your cat. 

Scratch-Resistant And Durable 

Cat claws are pretty sharp, and it doesn’t help that they love to scratch on just about any surface. That means if you choose to have natural turf, you can expect these little guys to cause some damage. On the other hand, synthetic turf is durable enough to withstand sharp claws and excessive scratching.

Low Maintenance

Artificial turf, in general, requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan. Aside from that, your cat will not be able to do any damage to the turf surf from urinating. Artificial grass is resistant to pet urine in general. Its artificial nature makes it able to withstand ammonia, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about dried patches appearing on your lawn.

Easy To Clean

Artificial grass is also surprisingly very easy to clean. And should your feline friend decide to do its business on synthetic turf, you will find that cleaning it is a lot easier than even a cat litter box. You need to pick up any droppings and clean the area with a mixture of water and vinegar to help get rid of or eliminate any lingering odour. 

Best Artificial Grass For Cats

Generally Safe For Cats

If you have a cat that likes to chew on stuff, then the chances are that it will end up chewing on the grass. If you’re using artificial grass, you can rest assured that your feline friend will be exposed to less toxic when compared to natural grass. Although natural grass is ‘natural’, its maintenance usually requires fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides, etc. And all these products contain a lot of chemicals, which are toxic when ingested. 

No Issues With Mess

There are few things more frustrating than your cat’s muddy paws tracking across your freshly watered natural grass. If you opt for artificial grass, you can rest assured that you will no longer have to deal with this kind of a mess. Additionally, because artificial turf does not hold mud, you will also not need to worry about your feline friend entering your home with mud-stained paws. 

Best Artificial Grass For Cats

When it comes to picking artificial grass, your only headache is that there are so many options available, ranging in material quality. You want to select the type of grass that will not only be beneficial to your cat but will also last you years while withstanding the rigour of daily use.

12 Apr 2021
Artificial Grass Installation

Is Artificial Grass Eco Friendly?

As the world becomes more and more environmentally conscious, people pay close attention to how their choices impact their environments. If you’re considering using artificial grass to add some lustre to your exterior, you may be wondering if it is an environmentally friendly option. Some people have spoken against this option because it is not naturally grown. But is artificial grass deserving of the flack? Is artificial grass eco-friendly? 

Is Artificial Grass Eco Friendly?

So, can you find eco-friendly artificial grass? The answer is simply yes. Our artificial grass now come with improved production and manufacturing processes that makes it environmentally friendly. Moreover, most manufacturers are beginning to put policies in place that ensure that they make environmentally safe installations available. Besides, high-quality artificial grass products are made from recycled matter. Plus, they offer an excellent option for dry areas where water conservation is essential. And, from the Spring of 2021, we are able to offer 100% recyclable grass.

What Is Recyclable Grass?

Simple. Until now, traditional backing of artificial grass could not be recycled and much of the first generation of artificial grass is now in landfill. We are proud to supply a product thats every aspect is 100% recyclable, including the backing. So you can be rest assured that in twenty years time, or whenever your new grass is to be replaced, it can be fully recycled without any damage to the environment.

Is Artificial Grass Eco Friendly?

What Makes Artificial Grass An Environmentally Friendly Option?

Let’s consider some of the reasons why choosing artificial grass is a great eco-friendly option.

  • Reducing Harmful Emissions

Some people have claimed that artificial grass cannot play the role of natural grass, especially when it comes to reducing harmful emissions. However, it is essential to remember that maintaining natural grass requires excessive electricity, water, fertiliser, and fuel (when using a lawnmower). All these create additional pollution and contribute significantly to global warming. 

  • Protecting Your Health And The Environment

Natural grass, as mentioned earlier, requires the use of fertilisers. But beyond that, people also make use of weedicides, pesticides, etc., to support the general maintenance of the grass and ensure growth. Unfortunately, these products are made of chemicals that can contribute about 8% to global warming. Using artificial grass comes with low maintenance and does ot require the use of such substances. 

  • Water Preservation

Natural grass requires lots of water to keep them growing lush and healthy around the year. The fact is that a square foot of natural grass requires gallons of water to keep it looking green and fresh throughout the year. Imagine how much water you’ll consume for a yard. 

Even if water isn’t a problem to you, the world is rapidly moving towards water scarcity, and people concerned about the environment are looking for ways to conserve water.

  • Life Expectancy 

If you take proper care of your artificial grass, you can expect it to last for about 20 years. On the contrary, as already mentioned, the natural grass will require a lot of mowing, watering, trimming, fertilising, etc., during that period. That means you’ll end up saving a lot on expenses and potential effects on the environment. 

The only disadvantage in this regard is the fact that, when your artificial grass has outlived its purpose after 20 years, you’ll need to find a healthy way of disposing of it.

  • Low-Maintenance 

Natural grass requires a lot of effort in terms of maintenance to keep it looking fresh and green all year round. From watering to mowing and trimming, it takes a lot of time and effort. All these add to the already polluted environment we live in.

12 Apr 2021

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

For any home or property, your outdoor space creates the first impression to the public. Any outdoor space that offers a lush green finish is always the perfect first impression you can give your home or property. But growing natural grass around your home takes time and a lot of effort, especially if you live in a weed-prone or wet area. Plus, trying to nurse dried out natural grass back to life can be challenging. These (and more) are reasons why artificial grass offers the perfect solution for any outdoor space, no matter the ground’s condition. It is easy to lay and maintain and offers all the aesthetic appeal you want in your perfect grass layout. But how much does artificial grass cost? 

Artificial Grass Cost

First of all, it is essential to note that there are different types of artificial grass, all available at different costs, from installation to maintenance. The most important thing is to ensure that you make an informed decision on the type you want. To have a professional installation of luxury artificial grass you should expect to pay approx £50/£60 per square metre. When you shop around you will find that it can be done cheaper, but in an industry where you definitely get what you pay for you will realise that a cheap installation will impact on quality – either quality of the grass, or the installation, usually both. 

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Other Costs To Consider

As we have already indicated, there is hardly any fixed cost for installing artificial grass, as so many factors combine to determine your expenses and final price. Some of them include the type of artificial grass, the kind of surface you want to work on, etc. If you’re working on a paved or concrete surface, for example, you can expect the process to be comparatively simple. That is because you may only need to clear or clean that space to ensure you have no drainage issues. 

If you’re working on an already existing lawn, the process can become a bit more complicated, as you’ll have first to get rid of the existing lawn. Doing this will increase the installation cost. Additionally, if you’re working on an uneven surface, you will need to level the ground before installing the grass to give it a more even and crisp appearance. And this will also increase the installation cost.

Furthermore, the quality of artificial grass will affect the price. Latest ranges of premium grass usually cost more, as they have better quality, richer colour and texture, and look identical natural grass. Cheap, DIY grass from your local bargain store may cost less but most look less authentic plus you will still need somebody to lay it for you.

05 Feb 2021
Why Choose Artificial Grass

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular, but why choose artificial grass? It’s versatility has made it perfect for use in lots of spaces, including:

·         Sports stadiums

·         Lawns in private properties

·         Public parks

·         Schools where children play

The increased popularity of artificial grass is not surprising, considering that most people now know its advantages over natural grass. Read on and get enlightened on why it is advisable to choose artificial grass instead of natural growing grass, so why choose artificial grass?

1.     Close to Zero Maintenance

Your artificial grass does not require a lot of maintenance. You will only remove debris and other foreign objects that might fall on the surface. This simple need is unlike the natural grass that needs to be watered and cut to look good. You can save time and the lawn mowing expenses from your natural lawn and the money you would have used to purchase fuel.

2.     It Is Not Affected by Weather

Artificial grass retains its original color and appearance irrespective of the weather. With this kind of grass, you do not have to worry that you have not watered it for a certain period and therefore it might weather. You also do not have to worry that it will overgrow during the rainy seasons.

Even if your artificial grass gets covered with snow, you will need to wait for the snow to melt since the grass’s design is in a way that water can drain out effortlessly. The grass will remain in the same condition, including its original color long after the snowing season has ended.

Why Choose Artificial Grass

3.     A Variety of Options in size, height, and shape

You can choose the kind of artificial grass you want for your lawn, depending on your preferences. These options give you the freedom to decide the type of grass to use as per your desired outcomes. If you love a lawn with a particular color, you can readily choose the color you want.

You can combine several colors in your lawn to make it stand out. You can also use these color options when you are using the grass in places where children play. Furthermore, the availability of options allows people to create shapes and decorations like those made in big sports stadiums.

4.     Can Be Replaced

If you are not pleased with your current artificial lawn, you can replace it within a matter of hours. Replacements only happen when the older artificial grass gets old or when you need to have a fresh look on your lawn.

The provision of simple replacement is essential, considering that it might take you months to change aspects of the natural grass. You might need to dig the entire lawn to install the changes you want on your natural backyard. This advantage is among the reasons more people prefer artificial grass since they can make the changes they want at almost any time they want.

Therefore, you might have noticed that the usage of artificial grass has increased in the recent past. The rise in popularity gets attributed to the above-outlined benefits of using the manufactured grass option instead of the natural grass. You also have the freedom to make your lawn more attractive by installing artificial grass.

05 Feb 2021
Artificial Grass Suppliers

How to Lay Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has several advantages over natural grass, and the main are:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Easier to control
  •  Can withstand even the harsh weathers
  •  Possibility of being upgraded and replaced easily

These benefits have resulted in more people preferring artificial glass over the natural option in different places such as stadiums and lawns, where well-groomed glass is needed. To enjoy the benefits of this kind of grass, you have to start by knowing how to lay artificial grass.

1.     Remove the Old Lawn

The first step in understanding how to lay artificial grass is ensuring that the surface is flat, and you can do this by removing the lawn that was already there. This step is fundamental because you cannot place the new grass on top of the old one. The fresh grass also needs a surface where it can hold firmly.

As a further step of preparing the surface, you should also install the edging and weed membrane. The edgings provide barriers on the edge of your lawn, which is mandatory, especially if you do not have other types of obstacles on the lawn’s perimeter. Installing the weed membrane is also important because it ensures no weeds can grow beneath the newly installed artificial grass.

2.     Make the Surface Further Ready for the New Grass

The ideal way of making the surface ready is laying the sub-base where you should choose the materials to use and the depth depending on the lawn’s drainage ability.  You should then install the laying course, which is the granite dust that makes the surface smoother and more stable. It would help if you used a vibrating plate compactor to ensure that everything is compacted correctly and then install another layer of weed membrane to ensure no form of weed can penetrate the surface.

3.     Position the New Artificial Grass

In this step, you might need assistance from one or more people because it involves unrolling the artificial grass.  The primary determinant of this is size; if your lawn is relatively big, it will require more work. While unrolling the artificial lawn, you need to ensure you have positioned it to be easier to unroll.

How to Lay Artificial Grass

4.     Do the Final Touches

After you have unrolled the grass, you should cut it into size to ensure it fits perfectly into your lawn. Use a sharp knife to cut it into the required shape, and then use galvanized nails to secure the perimeter as you cut. If you have done everything correctly, there will be no visible joints. But in case you can see some joints, you should ensure they are correctly secured. It would help if you used a joining tape to secure the joints since such tapes’ shiny side is usually on the lower invisible side.

The last thing you should do is to groom the newly installed artificial grass. Grooming includes removing any debris that might have been left on the surface while laying down the grass. Take good care of the artificial grass for it to remain in good condition for a long time. We can supply you with a various range of artificial grass to suit most budgets, plus we offer a full installation service if you would prefer. You can contact us here.

05 Feb 2021
Why Celebrities Love Artificial Grass

Why Celebrities Love Artificial Grass

When celebrities show us a glimpse of their homes, they always look immaculate and well put together. You might sit there wondering how they make their gardens look so neat and healthy, well we know their secret and it is not having a gardener on hand 24/7. If you have not guessed it from the title already then the secret is artificial grass and we have listed all the reasons below on why celebrities love artificial grass. 

Why Celebrities Love Artificial Grass

There are a few reasons why celebrities love artificial grass the main reason being that it is easy to maintain. Artificial grass does not need much attention, occasionally you will need to brush it with a bristle broom to remove any debri and that is pretty much it. Another reason celebrities love artificial grass is that it costs less long term as they wont need to pay a gardener to tend to it. It is great in all weather and is eco friendly as you do not need to use water, grass feed or pesticides on it to keep it looking healthy and green.

Which Celebrities have Artificial Grass?

John Terry

You might know John Terry for being a professional football player for Chelsea and England. To help with practicing his football skills he swapped over his turf for artificial grass, similar to the all weather pitches he played on professionally.

Kristen Bell

The famous Actress Kristen Bell loves her dogs, which is why she chose to switch over to artificial grass. She wanted to create a space specifically for her dogs that was low maintenance and there is also the bonus that her dogs wont get muddy paws in the wet winter months.

Jessica Alba

When Jessica Alba renovated her home she decided that artificial grass was the right option for her. She wanted her garden to be child and pet safe as well as environmentally friendly. 

Sarah Beeny

This Broadcaster and property developer, let the world know via twitter that she had finally convinced her husband to switch to artificial grass when developing a house. She thought it would improve the overall look at the feel of the house and she was not wrong. 

Other Celebrities that love artificial grass include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Matt Damon and David Basche.

You might not own lavish homes like these celebrities but artificial grass can transform any space. If you love spending time in your garden then we think that switching over will benefit you immensely. No more getting sweaty mowing the grass, no more brown or un-grown patches, no more muddy boggy areas and more time to sit in the sun and enjoy your outdoor space.

So if you think you will benefit from artificial grass in your garden then invest in some today. Ensure you get a professional to help you as DIY options tend not to end very well if you do not have the knowledge on how to lay it behind you.

05 Feb 2021
Artificial Grass Installation

How To Prepare Your Garden For Artificial Grass

In this day and age, it would seem that artificial grass is becoming a fantastic alternative for homeowners. It looks just like the real thing, but you don’t have to worry about maintaining it half as much. If you want a nice garden and you don’t want the pressure of staying on top of it, then you can find out everything you need to know, here. In particular, how to prepare your garden for artificial grass laying.

Removing the Turf you Have Now

If you have turf in your garden then the first thing that you have to do is remove it all. You need to do this prior to laying down your artificial turf. If you are ready to proceed then you can use a huge range of tools to help you out. You can use a turf cutter, a spade or even a rotavator. You have to make sure that you dig the soil to around a depth of 2.5 inches if possible. Your artificial turf will need to sit around half an inch above your edging.

Protecting your Artificial Turf

Before you lay down any artificial turf, you have to make sure that it is protected from any weeds or plants that may grow through it. If you do not put down a protective layer then this can lead to weeds growing through the turf and this can cause buckling or general disfigurement. You can use a simple sheet of weed surpassing membrane if you want. This is placed on top of the lawn you have and it sits just beneath the artificial turf. You can usually buy this from any good hardware store, but you can also get it from the same place where you get your turf from if you want.

How To Prepare Your Garden For Artificial Grass

Allowing for Adequate Drainage

When you are laying artificial turf, you need to make sure that it is maintained properly. Before you lay down your turf, you need to lay down an aggregate layer of sand or grit. Crushed stone is another option you can use to go over the weed membrane. You can then compact this to give you a nice and solid base. You can create a sturdy drainage surface, and you can also smooth it out to create an even surface. Finally, you can lay down some shock-absorbent material as this will give your grass far more cushioning overall.

When you have done all of this, you will then be glad to know that your area is fully prepared for your new turf. When you start laying your turf, you need to align it to the corner or even a straight edge if possible. You also need to cut it to the appropriate size, before you nail it into place. You do this with each corner first, and then go through and add more nails accordingly. This is the best way for you to ensure that your grass looks the part when you have finished. 

If you need some help with your grass then make sure that you get in touch with us here at Elite. We can show you How To Prepare Your Garden For Artificial Grass and supply with you with your new astroturf or we can do the whole job from start to finish.

05 Feb 2021
Is Artificial Grass Safe For Kids?

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Kids?

Artificial grass is a very low-maintenance solution if you want to reduce your utility bills, the amount of water you use and even the amount of time you spend doing your chores. Artificial grass gives you your power back and it also reduces the amount of time you spend caring for your lawn as well. If you have kids who would rather be outside regardless then artificial grass could be the best solution for you, but is artificial grass safe for kids?


Artificial grass is usually sewn onto a backing material. This ensures that it is durable, and it also makes the grass itself much more resilient. You can trust that the grass will not become patchy and it if it is pulled and poked then you won’t have to worry about it becoming damaged. If you have kids who are just learning how to walk then luxurious grass can feel very soft to touch and it can also provide your toddlers with a springy surface underfoot. Sometimes it is possible for you to add a shock mat under your turf so that if your children fall, it is even softer for them, so there are always options available.

Older Kids

If you have kids who are always on their feet and they have reached that rambunctious age, then most of the time you may find it hard to get them to sit down. Outdoor play is key to your child’s development and artificial turf could be a good option here. It gives them the freedom to enjoy themselves without you having to worry about them making a muddy mess out of your garden. Artificial lawns give you a fantastic surface to enjoy sports and you won’t have to worry about them running the grass either.

Ideal for Pets as Well

If you have pets then you’ll soon find that you spend less time cleaning. You don’t have to worry about dedicating hours on end entertaining them or playing with them because you can let them out in the garden and you don’t have to worry about them bringing mud in the home. This makes your job easier and it makes them happier too, so this is well worth keeping in mind. If you want to keep your pets safe, then artificial grass is also good because you don’t have to worry about sharp objects being hidden by overgrown patches.

Family Bonus: There’s Zero Mud

Running a family household can be exhausting to say the least. You may feel as though you have tons of washing everywhere and that you are always having to break up petty squabbles too. At times you may feel as though you just have no time for yourself and this can really stop you from being able to relax. If you want to help yourself then you need to try and spend less time cleaning and one way for you to do this would be for you to install artificial turf, so you don’t have to worry about mud at all.

04 Feb 2021
How to clean artificial grass

How To Clean Artificial Grass

One of the most appealing benefits that you get when you have artificial grass is that you don’t need to invest anywhere near as much maintenance or care as you would with a natural lawn. You won’t need to worry about fertilising, mowing or even watering it. This is all great, but at the end of the day, artificial turf is not maintenance free at all. If you want your artificial turf looking the best and if you want to get the most enjoyment out of it then you need to do some degree of maintenance and learn how to clean artificial grass.

How to Maintain your Artificial Grass

If you have outdoor pets, trees, shrubs or children then you will probably need to clean your lawn much more often when compared to those who don’t have any. It may be that you need to hose down your lawn from time to time to remove any dust, or that you need to sweep away any debris. This probably needs to be done once every few weeks. Once a month, you need to give your artificial grass a bit more of a thorough clean. Remove any dirt or leaves with a very stiff brush and also sweep against the grain of the grass too. This will groom it upright, and make it look much more appealing.

Flexible lawn rakes can also be used to try and remove debris. Just make sure that you don’t use one that has steel bristles, as this could damage your grass much more than you realise. Cleaning your grass in this manner will also help you to keep your grass looking its best.

How to clean artificial grass

How to Remove Pet Waste from Artificial Grass

If you have synthetic turf, then you will know what a good option it is if you have pets. The problem that you will have to deal with however, is pet waste. You need to remove any solid waste by using a pooper scooper or a baggie. You will then need to hose down the area and spray where your pet goes once a week. A turf neutraliser can be used as well, as this will stop the grass from discolouring, and it will also help you to stop it from smelling.

How to Remove Unfortunate Stains from Artificial Grass

Drinks might be spilt quite often on your artificial turf. You may also find that candy or even chewing gum ends up getting dropped, or that mustard spills from a plate when your kids are roughhousing. Artificial turf is very stain resistant and this makes cleaning up any spills, easy to do. Most spills can be rinsed with water. If you see that residue remains after you have hosed the area, then you can use a soap and water solution to fix the issue. The key to removing spills is to act quickly, so soak them up, and rinse down the lawn. If you have issues such as chewing gum or candy, then it’s wise to chill it with an ice cube before you try and remove it. Avoid harsh chemicals at all costs.

So, cleaning and maintaining your lawn is easy to do, and sometimes, simple precautions can stop you from having to replace your grass entirely.

04 Feb 2021
Artificial Grass

Is Artificial Grass and Astroturf the same thing?

Knowing the difference between turf, Astroturf and artificial grass will really help you to ensure that you are getting the right grass for your next project.  If you want to find out more, then simply take a look below.

What are the Main Differences between Artificial Grass and Astroturf?

Astroturf refers to the US brand which started by creating turf for sporting surfaces. This included training grounds or pitches. The brand wanted to ensure that sporting facilities had a playable surface which did not require ongoing maintenance.  On top of this, domed stadiums did not allow the right amount of sunlight through so that natural grass could grow evenly.

Artificial grass is a generic term which is used to describe anything that is fake grass. The more premium options are made to imitate both the look and feel of natural grass. For a residential property, artificial grass is very versatile. From lawn replacements to decking, it can be installed just about anywhere. You just need to make sure that the ground surface is permeable, in terms of water drainage.

Why would you Choose Artificial Grass?

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 homes in the UK now have artificial grass as opposed to natural grass. As previously mentioned, artificial grass can easily be installed in a huge range of places. This can include in children’s play areas, over balconies and it can even be combined with decking. On top of this, artificial grass requires absolutely no ongoing maintenance. All you need to do is sweep it up from time to time to keep it looking the best that it can. Another benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn’t let weeds through and you don’t have to deal with browning or balding either. You will always have the perfect lawn, it’s pet-friendly and you don’t have the ongoing chores associated with having a natural lawn.

Artificial Grass

When is Astroturf the Better Option?

In most cases, you would only choose to have Astroturf if you have a professional sporting facility. Astroturf is really only for sporting purposes, and there are no benefits to having Astroturf over artificial grass in your garden. One thing that you need to know is that the more you spend on your artificial turf, the better the quality will be. You may find that the colour is brighter, that the blades of grass are closer together and that it looks generally nicer. If you have a very small area on the other hand, then you may not need to choose a high-quality product. This is because the small surface area will give you some leeway over the general appearance of the grass, and in some instances, a cheaper option can look just as good.

Either way, the benefits of artificial turf really do speak for themselves and if you explore the options that are out there for yourself then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to get the look you want with ease.

16 Nov 2020
Why Hire Artificial Grass?

Why Hire Artificial Grass?

Ever thought about using artificial grass hire? Read on to find out how artificial grass can elevate your trade fairs, or give you a lush green wedding any time of the year with artificial grass hire. 

If you are wondering what makes artificial grass higher so great, here is a list of reasons that you should consider it for your next event.


Artificial grass hire has been increasing in popularity, and people are always stunned at how beautiful it looks. Artificial grass really makes an impact on the decor of any event.

It worked with so many different colour schemes too, and a range of seasonal weddings. Artificial grass instantly makes the room look fresher and more welcoming. 

Not only that, but if you have found your perfect venue for say a wedding, but you hate the colour of the carpet, artificial grass can have that covered up in no time at all.


Almost everything about your event should say quality, but that does not mean that you and need to spend out. It might be that you have an outdoor area, attentive area, or a room. 

There is one thing that is certain, the carpet will have been used hundreds of times, and sometimes can look cheaper than what you’ve paid for the room. Synthetic grass has a classic and expensive look. 

Artificial grass, when laid, will quickly add to your decoration. That rich, lush green of the artificial grass is stunning, and incredibly cost-effective too.

And it will be one of the things that your guests talk about long after the event is over.

Artificial Grass For Hire


One of the most common things when walking on grass is that if you have high heels on the heel can go through the mud, or people can trip and fall unless your event is taking place on a  manicure and well-maintained lawn. There is a serious risk of real grass getting muddy and soggy due to adverse weather conditions too, making it more of a hazard for glamourous events. 

Artificial grass for your events usually takes all of the problems away. Not only would look great for your event, it means that your guests can wear the shoes that they want and walk comfortably around.


It’s one of the most important things when you are running an exhibition, a stand, or a small event. Or even a large event. You want to stand out from the crowd, and most people will just accept the floor that is already laid. 

However, you can change the game when you have artificial grass. Artificial grass, when used to decorate stands exhibitions really makes their trade stand, look unique. It seems bigger, brighter and even has a more natural and eco-green slant.

Artificial grass hire is perfect for your wedding, Cooper event, exhibitions and so much more. And one of the perks not mentioned above is how easy it is. Artificial grass is so low effort, and for how great it looks you won’t believe it.

16 Nov 2020
Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

Traditionally, teams would play sports on regular grass. But over recent times, there’s been a shift. Grass is no longer the gold standard it used to be. More and more organisations are switching to artificial turf for sports grounds. Playing sport on artificial grass is becoming a standard for both cost effectiveness and performance.

What’s driving this trend? We explain in detail below. 

Low Maintenance

Traditional team sports games have a nasty habit of churning up the grass. Studded football boots rip into the turf, causing it damage as players twist and change direction on the pitch. 

Artificial grass, however, doesn’t suffer from this problem. While it will slowly wear out over time, the process is nothing like as quick as for its biological counterpart. You’re able to field games week after week with practically no maintenance, besides the odd bit of washing here and there. There’s no need to reseed damaged sections; you don’t have to wait for the grass to recover between fixtures. And you avoid all of the usual expenses – like the costs of mowing. It’s just a lot easier. 


When the rain pours, traditional grass suffers. It becomes sodden quickly, and that increases the rate at which it degrades.

Artificial turf, though, is different. It can survive all weathers. And you don’t have to leave gaps between play to allow it to recover. It uses high-strength fibres to maintain a grass-like feel in all conditions, including rain and freezing ice. 

Fair Play And Consistency

Sometimes the smallest of factors can determine why one team beats another. The direction of the wind or what the players ate for breakfast can all make a material difference on the pitch. 

The same is true of the grass. Sometimes you can get a situation in which the quality of the grass varies as you move across the pitch. One end might be soggy and muddy, while the other is dry and in direct sunlight, affecting the passage of play. 

With artificial turf, that’s no longer a risk. You get perfect consistency across the pitch. And if a section does happen to become damaged, you can replace it relatively easily. 

Playing Sport On Artificial Grass

More Utility

While regular grass has some utility, it doesn’t have the range you get with artificial turf. You can’t just put it wherever you like and assume that it will thrive. Many grass pitches fail. 

That’s not the case with artificial turf. The altitude and elevation don’t matter. You could lay it at the top of a mountain or in the desert, and it would still provide the qualities you’re looking for the year-round ability for playing sport on artificial grass. 

Why Artificial Grass Is Better 

The cost of running and maintaining a standard grass pitch is high. You have to contend with mud, bare patches and flooding. And that drains you of resources. A big chunk of your budget goes on maintenance. And you deal with the inconvenience of being barred from playing during certain parts of the week. 

Artificial grass is much better. You no longer have to work around your pitches. Instead, they start working for you. And that’s ultimately what you want.

11 Oct 2020
Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

Having artificial grass is hassle and stress free, with little to no maintenance need your lawn will look fantastic ALL YEAR ROUND. Wet weather and regular use (pets/kids/visitors) can soon turn a grass lawn into a mud pit. Artificial grass is durable and specifically designed to handle high traffic…