When celebrities show us a glimpse of their homes, they always look immaculate and well put together. You might sit there wondering how they make their gardens look so neat and healthy, well we know their secret and it is not having a gardener on hand 24/7. If you have not guessed it from the title already then the secret is artificial grass and we have listed all the reasons below on why celebrities love artificial grass. 

Why Celebrities Love Artificial Grass

There are a few reasons why celebrities love artificial grass the main reason being that it is easy to maintain. Artificial grass does not need much attention, occasionally you will need to brush it with a bristle broom to remove any debri and that is pretty much it. Another reason celebrities love artificial grass is that it costs less long term as they wont need to pay a gardener to tend to it. It is great in all weather and is eco friendly as you do not need to use water, grass feed or pesticides on it to keep it looking healthy and green.

Which Celebrities have Artificial Grass?

John Terry

You might know John Terry for being a professional football player for Chelsea and England. To help with practicing his football skills he swapped over his turf for artificial grass, similar to the all weather pitches he played on professionally.

Kristen Bell

The famous Actress Kristen Bell loves her dogs, which is why she chose to switch over to artificial grass. She wanted to create a space specifically for her dogs that was low maintenance and there is also the bonus that her dogs wont get muddy paws in the wet winter months.

Jessica Alba

When Jessica Alba renovated her home she decided that artificial grass was the right option for her. She wanted her garden to be child and pet safe as well as environmentally friendly. 

Sarah Beeny

This Broadcaster and property developer, let the world know via twitter that she had finally convinced her husband to switch to artificial grass when developing a house. She thought it would improve the overall look at the feel of the house and she was not wrong. 

Other Celebrities that love artificial grass include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Matt Damon and David Basche.

You might not own lavish homes like these celebrities but artificial grass can transform any space. If you love spending time in your garden then we think that switching over will benefit you immensely. No more getting sweaty mowing the grass, no more brown or un-grown patches, no more muddy boggy areas and more time to sit in the sun and enjoy your outdoor space.

So if you think you will benefit from artificial grass in your garden then invest in some today. Ensure you get a professional to help you as DIY options tend not to end very well if you do not have the knowledge on how to lay it behind you.