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04 Jun 2021

Four bedroom home covered entirely in ARTIFICIAL GRASS goes on the market for £300,000

A lovely semi in Cornwall has gone on the market for just shy of £300,000. It looks, and feels, a little different to the the average home……nearly every room, as well as the bathroom, is carpeted with ARTIFICIAL GRASS!

Starting in the garden, the fake grass runs through to the conservatory, down the hallway and beyond.

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18 May 2021
Artificial Grass For Dogs

Artificial Grass For Dogs

If you live here in the UK you’ll know all too well how often your dog will bring in mud from outside on wet and rainy days. You may choose to keep your dog inside as much as possible when the weather isn’t great outside to avoid mud being dragged into your home. Your dog can continue to play and run around on your lawn without turning your garden into a mud bath and bringing their dirty paws into the house if you use fake grass instead of real grass. If you’re tired of muddy patches, holes, and yellow stains on your grass, our pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs is a long-lasting, mess-free alternative that looks fantastic all year.

Why use artificial grass for dogs?

No more muddy floors 

Artificial grass is mud-free, which means no more dirty pooches, filthy paws all over the house, or a mud bath on your lawn. Plus, urine and waste have no effect on our artificial grass, so no more dead spots, discoloration, or yellow stains to ruin your lawn. Furthermore, our artificial grass is so sturdy and long-lasting that dogs cannot dig it up, damage it, or tear it all out. Your dog will be able to use the lawn regardless of the weather, and your grass will remain beautiful all year.

Safe for dogs

Artificial grass is soft on paws and delicate on coat, and dogs enjoy playing, running, rolling around, and relaxing on it just as much as natural grass, so there’s no need to choose between a beautiful garden and a happy and content pup. Artificial grass is better for pets than natural turf because it is non-toxic and does not require dangerous chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to keep it green. As a result, you can rest assured that your garden is a safe and inviting place for man’s best friend.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

No odours

Dog owners are often put off by artificial grass for dogs in fear their garden may end up smelling of dog urine and waste. However, with the correct installation, our artificial grass is properly treated and protected, preventing bad odours in your garden.

Improper installation such as using sand as an infill will prevent your artificial grass from draining liquids away sufficiently, and therefore may cause odour build up and mess on your lawn because the liquids will simply sit in the artificial grass rather than draining away as intended.

Beautiful garden everyone can enjoy

Ultimately, your garden is there for both you, your family and your dogs to enjoy. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about urine or waste patches ruining not only the look of your lawn, but also sanitation of your garden. Plus, your dog will love running and playing on our artificial grass for dogs because it’s friendly on their paws and fur!

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13 Apr 2021
Making the Best of a Small Garden

Making the Best of a Small Garden

Having a small garden or courtyard doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful outdoor area. It also allows you to grow organic produce from the comfort of your home, using eco-friendly materials. Plus it provides a place of relaxation for you and your family.  What’s more, you don’t require too much space to start, as small gardens have become popular among many owners. To make your garden work, it will be best for you to apply certain tricks, as they’ll help you maximise your space efficiently. 

How do you make the best of your small garden?

Not knowing how to arrange your garden or courtyard might cause cluttering, especially if you have a small garden space. Aesthetics and functionality come to play, so you need to plan various things to combine them in your garden effectively. These tips will get the best out of your outdoor space. 

Embrace vertical gardening

Small gardens have vertical space to spare, and you can take advantage of it. Besides, it’s a great alternative when your garden bed cannot house all your plants. Additionally, it gives you more room to be creative and sustainable simultaneously; you can incorporate used plastic bottles, wooden platforms, old wellington boots, and any other thing that can hang on walls. You can also use a step-ladder or a plant stand if you don’t want to use your wall or fence. There’s no restriction on your creativity, so don’t clutter your garden in the process.

Making the Best of a Small Garden

Cultivate different plants

You might not designate separate areas for specific plants due to limited space, but you can cultivate them simultaneously. It will be best to try growing edible and ornamental plants on the same bed, as it brings a new aesthetic feel to your outdoor space and keeps pests from damaging specific crops. You can choose combinations such as sage or rosemary with Santolina, salvias and lavender. You can also mix strawberries with lettuce and tomatoes.

Invest in sitting areas

Your garden can also function as an area for you to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty, and sitting areas will help you achieve this. It will be best for you to put furniture away when not in use quickly. Better still, you can make use of stone slabs or wooden chairs to give your garden a more rustic feel. It wouldn’t hurt to incorporate hammocks and swing seats to add more fun to your outdoor relaxation time. 

Create a focal point

A focal point gives your garden more aesthetic appeal and creates a lasting impression in people’s minds. It’s therefore essential to select quality and beautiful materials that will provide it with the desired effect. You can use anything with a solid outline such as pots, mini gazebos, benches, ornate, painted walls, gates, windows, etc. It will be best to choose the materials that appeal to you and explore colours to give your garden a brighter look.


Your small garden or courtyard space shouldn’t limit your creative ideas on getting your ideal outdoor space. Although these tips are not exhaustive, they can help you make the most of your space while giving your home a beautiful outdoor ‘room’.