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Recyclable Artificial Grass

In recent years, sports teams, schools, and all kinds of businesses have become more interested in dealing with artificial surfaces. For years, natural turf was the only option and it was a case of finding the right supplier for what was necessary. The 21st century has brought with it the inception of artificial grass, however. 

We’re no longer bound to surfaces that must be maintained regularly or they’ll break down and become unusable. Artificial surfaces are able to stay in the best possible condition for years without so much as an inspection – not that you shouldn’t check in on it every now and again. One issue with traditional artificial grass is that it typically can't be recycled. In a time where going green is as important as ever, you’ll want to be supplied with grass that can help you to become even more eco-friendly than perhaps you already are.


The reason why traditional artificial grass isn’t recyclable is due to the fact that most manufacturers create it with a backing that just cannot be recycled. Once it has served its purpose for the owner, it will then be transferred to a landfill. 

Fortunately, here at Elite, you can rest assured that we will supply you with artificial surfaces that are greener than ever as we are proud to supply 100% RECYCLABLE ARTIFICIAL GRASS. Once you are finished with the surface and fancy a change, this turf can be FULLY RECYCLED. So, if you want to increase your eco-friendliness while you install something new, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. 

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Reasons To Choose Our Recyclable Artificial Grass

Our recyclable artificial grass will not only satisfy you in terms of its look and function. Here are a few more reasons to opt for our product: 

You’ll Be Helping The Environment.

We’ve mentioned the fact that you won’t have to throw them into a landfill. They’ll be useful for many other means once its job is finished. It’s also worth mentioning that the lack of long-term maintenance means that little work such as mowing and clearing up will not have to go into it. Emissions will be reduced in this case. 

Your Business Reputation

As a company looking to increase the way in which they’re perceived, going green can do a lot for you in the long-term. In this day and age, your outlook on serious issues such as the environment can do a lot for you in terms of the impression you give, so our surface will help you a lot in terms of this aspect. 

Find Out More About Recyclable Artificial Grass

Elite Grass is part of the Elite group of companies that offer 100% Recyclable Artificial Grass across the UK. Elite Artificial Grass provides a range of artificial lawn products that are ideal for your garden at home, as well as commercial spaces like schools and play areas.

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