One of the most appealing benefits that you get when you have artificial grass is that you don’t need to invest anywhere near as much maintenance or care as you would with a natural lawn. You won’t need to worry about fertilising, mowing or even watering it. This is all great, but at the end of the day, artificial turf is not maintenance free at all. If you want your artificial turf looking the best and if you want to get the most enjoyment out of it then you need to do some degree of maintenance and learn how to clean artificial grass.

How to Maintain your Artificial Grass

If you have outdoor pets, trees, shrubs or children then you will probably need to clean your lawn much more often when compared to those who don’t have any. It may be that you need to hose down your lawn from time to time to remove any dust, or that you need to sweep away any debris. This probably needs to be done once every few weeks. Once a month, you need to give your artificial grass a bit more of a thorough clean. Remove any dirt or leaves with a very stiff brush and also sweep against the grain of the grass too. This will groom it upright, and make it look much more appealing.

Flexible lawn rakes can also be used to try and remove debris. Just make sure that you don’t use one that has steel bristles, as this could damage your grass much more than you realise. Cleaning your grass in this manner will also help you to keep your grass looking its best.

How to clean artificial grass

How to Remove Pet Waste from Artificial Grass

If you have synthetic turf, then you will know what a good option it is if you have pets. The problem that you will have to deal with however, is pet waste. You need to remove any solid waste by using a pooper scooper or a baggie. You will then need to hose down the area and spray where your pet goes once a week. A turf neutraliser can be used as well, as this will stop the grass from discolouring, and it will also help you to stop it from smelling.

How to Remove Unfortunate Stains from Artificial Grass

Drinks might be spilt quite often on your artificial turf. You may also find that candy or even chewing gum ends up getting dropped, or that mustard spills from a plate when your kids are roughhousing. Artificial turf is very stain resistant and this makes cleaning up any spills, easy to do. Most spills can be rinsed with water. If you see that residue remains after you have hosed the area, then you can use a soap and water solution to fix the issue. The key to removing spills is to act quickly, so soak them up, and rinse down the lawn. If you have issues such as chewing gum or candy, then it’s wise to chill it with an ice cube before you try and remove it. Avoid harsh chemicals at all costs.

So, cleaning and maintaining your lawn is easy to do, and sometimes, simple precautions can stop you from having to replace your grass entirely.