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Artificial Grass Suppliers

Are you fed up of trying to keep your grass lawn looking good? Whether you’re tired of weeding, bare patches, puddles or other issues coming back no matter how hard you work to maintain your lawn, then artificial grass could be the solution. If you want artificial grass, then you need an artificial grass supplier. At Elite Artificial Grass, you can feel safe in the hands of trusted experts in leading artificial grass solutions. All our clients get top-quality and affordable artificial grass that will transform your indoor or outdoor recreational areas, whether private garden or sports pitch.



Do you want to have a lush garden all year round? Luxury artificial grass for gardens will give you that. Grass from artificial grass suppliers has a lot of benefits for the garden. Astroturf is family-friendly, low-maintenance and great to look at. 

  Artificial Grass Suppliers  


Sports Grounds

Elite Artificial Grass is at the forefront of sports artificial grass suppliers. We provide the latest in astroturf, so you get the optimum performance for sports. Our experts will conduct a site survey and consultation before we start work. Our solutions can accommodate all kinds of sports, including football, hockey, tennis, and others. 


Grass Hire

We also offer artificial grass for hire. Whether you need synthetic grass for a sporting event, corporate event, exhibition, or another event, we can offer a solution. Our offering is affordable, but still high-quality. 

When you’re trying to find artificial grass suppliers for an event, it can be hard to find someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Elite Grass is family-run, and offer turf that will fit your needs. Our lawn specialists are experts, so you know you’re getting quality. 

Supply Only

If you’re on a tighter budget, or already have an installer you trust, then you might just need an artificial grass supplier, without an installation service. We offer a supply only service for just these situations. We supply the astroturf, and you can fit it yourself or with your own installer. Our experts will help you to pick the right product and make sure you have enough for the project that you have in mind. 

Partial Fitting

Fitting artificial grass takes skill if you want the right finish. Cutting it correctly is difficult, and laying larger areas is often beyond the skills of the average synthetic grass company. 

If the installer isn’t skilled enough, then visible joints are needed. Using pins or nails to secure the installation, or pins and tapes for joins shows a lack of experience. If you’re a builder, landscaper, or trying to DIY an artificial lawn, and know you don’t have the needed skills to complete a large installation, then call Elite Artificial Grass. We offer an exclusive service, that is known as partial fit.

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Elite Grass is part of the Elite group of companies that offer specialist property services across the UK. Elite Artificial Grass provides a range of artificial lawn products that are ideal for your garden at home, as well as commercial spaces like schools and play areas. An artificial lawn can transform your space, giving a vibrant appearance while remaining almost entirely maintenance-free. 

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