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Professional & Friendly Astroturf Installation

At Elite Artificial Grass, we deliver the best astroturf solutions for our customers' and clients' needs. Whether you want to make the back garden more accessible and less high maintenance or you're looking to improve the value of your home, astroturf is the answer.

We're experts in everything astro turf related, and we're ready to answer your calls, so contact us now to find out why astro turf is a great solution.

Tonnes of experience

We have years of experience and put it to good use. There isn't an astroturf issue that we haven't seen and don't know how to solve.

A wide range of services

Astro turf isn't just for residential properties. Businesses and organisations can use our astroturf ranges for sports matches and events.

Family run business

As a family-run and owned company, we pride ourselves on our customer service level, always going the extra mile to help customers when possible.




Our Services

Thanks to our incredible success, we're a trusted expert and brand leader in the astroturf market. Check out what we can offer you below....

  • Astroturf for gardens

    At Elite Artificial Grass, we offer the chance to transform your property's exterior and interior with the most natural-looking and life-like materials. Of course, astroturf is ideal for lawns as it appears well-maintained without the effort. However, many of our customers use it in children's playrooms and conservatories to add comfort and originality to their homes.

  • Sports services and astroturf hire

    Whether you're a sports club or you only need astroturf for a short time, we have got you covered. Regardless, we'll survey the site, checking for any potential hurdles, and consult with you before continuing. Once everyone is happy, we fit any level of astroturf (3G/4G) for optimum sports performance and exhibition professionalism.

  • Partial fit

    Don't worry if you only require a small surface area covered in astroturf. Our partial fit service is perfect for laying around the perimeter of swimming pools and water features to soak up the excess moisture. We work with builders, landscapers, and DIYers to ensure the ultimate results.

Reasons To Invest In Astroturf


As pet owners know, animals and gardens are firm friends! From ruining your pristine lawn to running muddy tracks through the house, it can be stressful trying to get the two to sync. Astro turf is the perfect answer to your problems since it requires zero maintenance, isn't affected by the weather, and is kind to soft paws and pads.

Protected From The Sun

Of course, you don't want your neighbours to know that you've opted for artificial grass. Okay, then, we won't tell them! The incredible thing about our solutions is that they don't bleach in the sun as they are UV protected.


Enjoying the outdoors isn't easy if your garden is a mess. Astroturf changes it instantly, making it more welcoming and relaxing.



What Are You Waiting For?

Do you want to find out more about Astro turf from Elite? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today by either phoning 0800 8611 721, emailing or by filling out our online form!

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