Artificial grass is a very low-maintenance solution if you want to reduce your utility bills, the amount of water you use and even the amount of time you spend doing your chores. Artificial grass gives you your power back and it also reduces the amount of time you spend caring for your lawn as well. If you have kids who would rather be outside regardless then artificial grass could be the best solution for you, but is artificial grass safe for kids?


Artificial grass is usually sewn onto a backing material. This ensures that it is durable, and it also makes the grass itself much more resilient. You can trust that the grass will not become patchy and it if it is pulled and poked then you won’t have to worry about it becoming damaged. If you have kids who are just learning how to walk then luxurious grass can feel very soft to touch and it can also provide your toddlers with a springy surface underfoot. Sometimes it is possible for you to add a shock mat under your turf so that if your children fall, it is even softer for them, so there are always options available.

Older Kids

If you have kids who are always on their feet and they have reached that rambunctious age, then most of the time you may find it hard to get them to sit down. Outdoor play is key to your child’s development and artificial turf could be a good option here. It gives them the freedom to enjoy themselves without you having to worry about them making a muddy mess out of your garden. Artificial lawns give you a fantastic surface to enjoy sports and you won’t have to worry about them running the grass either.

Ideal for Pets as Well

If you have pets then you’ll soon find that you spend less time cleaning. You don’t have to worry about dedicating hours on end entertaining them or playing with them because you can let them out in the garden and you don’t have to worry about them bringing mud in the home. This makes your job easier and it makes them happier too, so this is well worth keeping in mind. If you want to keep your pets safe, then artificial grass is also good because you don’t have to worry about sharp objects being hidden by overgrown patches.

Family Bonus: There’s Zero Mud

Running a family household can be exhausting to say the least. You may feel as though you have tons of washing everywhere and that you are always having to break up petty squabbles too. At times you may feel as though you just have no time for yourself and this can really stop you from being able to relax. If you want to help yourself then you need to try and spend less time cleaning and one way for you to do this would be for you to install artificial turf, so you don’t have to worry about mud at all.