If you’re planning to give your outdoor space a touch of artificial green carpet, you may be wondering if it is safe for your feline friend (if you have one) and what option could be the Best Artificial Grass For Cats. So, let’s consider which artificial grass is best for your cat. Today the use of synthetic grass has gone beyond sports stations and fields. Modern artificial grass comes with the design to add to the external beauty of homes and other properties. 

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Before we go into the best grass for cats list, it is essential to take a look at some of the benefits of using artificial grass for your cat. 

Scratch-Resistant And Durable 

Cat claws are pretty sharp, and it doesn’t help that they love to scratch on just about any surface. That means if you choose to have natural turf, you can expect these little guys to cause some damage. On the other hand, synthetic turf is durable enough to withstand sharp claws and excessive scratching.

Low Maintenance

Artificial turf, in general, requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan. Aside from that, your cat will not be able to do any damage to the turf surf from urinating. Artificial grass is resistant to pet urine in general. Its artificial nature makes it able to withstand ammonia, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about dried patches appearing on your lawn.

Easy To Clean

Artificial grass is also surprisingly very easy to clean. And should your feline friend decide to do its business on synthetic turf, you will find that cleaning it is a lot easier than even a cat litter box. You need to pick up any droppings and clean the area with a mixture of water and vinegar to help get rid of or eliminate any lingering odour. 

Best Artificial Grass For Cats

Generally Safe For Cats

If you have a cat that likes to chew on stuff, then the chances are that it will end up chewing on the grass. If you’re using artificial grass, you can rest assured that your feline friend will be exposed to less toxic when compared to natural grass. Although natural grass is ‘natural’, its maintenance usually requires fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides, etc. And all these products contain a lot of chemicals, which are toxic when ingested. 

No Issues With Mess

There are few things more frustrating than your cat’s muddy paws tracking across your freshly watered natural grass. If you opt for artificial grass, you can rest assured that you will no longer have to deal with this kind of a mess. Additionally, because artificial turf does not hold mud, you will also not need to worry about your feline friend entering your home with mud-stained paws. 

Best Artificial Grass For Cats

When it comes to picking artificial grass, your only headache is that there are so many options available, ranging in material quality. You want to select the type of grass that will not only be beneficial to your cat but will also last you years while withstanding the rigour of daily use.