After months of lockdowns and orders to ‘stay at home’, many of us are looking at how we can update our garden. It is has become a significant part of our lives, often being the only outdoor space we are able to spend time with our family and friends. With that renewed importance, a newly designed garden seems fitting, are you thinking of designing a new garden?

Here, we look at some tips to help you design a superb new landscape.

Look at the lawn

The lawn is usually the biggest element of our garden, so it is important to get it right. Look at what shape it is – it does not have to be a square or rectangle. In fact, circular and oval lawns can be really effective and add a new layer of interest. Consider whether you want artificial grass – which looks great, involves very little maintenance, and can be used whatever the weather, without the fear of turning it into a mudbath. If you opt for a natural lawn, think about how you will keep it looking neat and tidy. If you hate mowing and strimming, perhaps look at having a smaller lawn and increase the patio or paved areas.

Designing A New Garden

Ponder the paving

The paving or patio area can really change the way your garden looks. Instead of laying down a regular pattern of regular paving stones, look at alternatives. For example, cobblestones laid in a random pattern can give a wild country look, while a combination of black and silver square or rectangles can give a sleek and chic vibe. Consider the other colours in your garden as well. What are the main colours of the plants and trees? Dark paving looks great with strong colours – reds, deep purples, and oranges, while softer colours look better combined with softer, pastel tones. 

Try to ensure that your paving or patio is the same level as the flooring on the interior of your home to make it flow. You want your garden to be a natural extension of your house, not just a space at the end of it. 

Sort out the seating

If you want your garden to be a functional area, you need somewhere to sit. Ideally, your seating area will be on hard ground – no one wants their seats to sink into the grass and mud! 

If you have limited space, look at furniture that can be folded up and put away when not in use, or multi-functional furniture – box seating with storage underneath them, for example. For larger spaces, look at outdoor sofa sets. Sofas in an L shape look great and are sociable and luxurious. The new trend for swinging ‘egg’ chairs is also practical as well as stylish – they can be moved about easily too to get the best of the sunshine.

Don’t forget tables too. If you are planning lots of chatty coffees in the garden or a G&T at night on the sofa, a coffee table or a small bistro set is ideal. For family meals and barbecues, a dining table and chairs may be the better option.