2020 and the start of 2021 was a year like no other. It was a year that we spent more time than ever before in the confines of our own homes and gardens, and not through choice. As a result, people have used their gardens in a different way than they did before. For many, gardens were somewhere where they might let the kids play out in the summer, hang the washing out to dry and perhaps enjoy the odd barbecue when the weather is nice, but the series of lockdowns has influenced garden trends for summer 2021.

Now, they can be a haven. A space where we can safely spend time outside, and now the rules permit, spend time with our families and friends. We have all seen pictures of people wrapped up in coats, hands around a mug while they enjoy a socially distanced cup of tea with their loved ones. It’s changed the way we view and use our gardens, and this will impact on the trends that we forecast for the summer of 2021.

Let’s look at what we think the garden trends for summer 2021 are:

Raising the beds

When you have a small space or awkward nooks and crannies – and most of us do – a raised garden bed is an ideal solution. They are an easy and reasonably cheap way of growing plants and flowers. Buy commercially produced beds or add a bit of rustic charm and character and build your own with old railway sleepers.

Small spaces getting a look in

During the height of the pandemic, people were understandably desperate to maximise outdoor space as much as possible, so where previously small yards and balconies were ignored, they are now becoming just as important as a big space. Functional furniture, windowboxes, artificial grass, and mini greenhouses can make even the most compact of spaces useful. 

Colour it up

While grey is making an huge splash outdoors thanks to the influence of Mrs Hinch, keen amateur designers are combining the classic neutral with a splash of colour in the form of scatter cushions for outdoor furniture, planters, bunting, outdoor rugs and of course, in the form of flowers and plants. Adding pops of colour is a great and inexpensive way of adding interest to even the plainest of gardens.

Artificial Grass

Possibly the biggest growth area for garden landscaping in the UK. Artificial grass looks fantastic, is hard wearing, pet friendly, child friendly and is practically maintenance free. Good quality astro turf will maintain its look all year round and you can say goodbye to boggy lawns during the winter.

Garden Trends For Summer 2021

Egg chairs

We can thank cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch for this trend as well! Swinging chairs, or ‘egg’ chairs as they are often called are set to be incredibly popular this year. In fact, people are queuing for hours to get their hands on one. There’s a good reason for it as well – they are super comfortable for relaxing in the garden with a book or a glass of something cold, while remaining super stylish too. Most of them are lightweight enough for you mov/e it around the garden to maximise every moment of the sunshine!

Bringing the inside out

From mirrors to comfortable seating options, rugs to cushions, bringing elements of the inside to the garden is big news these days to make the space feel like another room in the home.