If you want to get your garden in tip-top shape this winter, then you have come to the right place. Our Tips For Gardening In The Winter guide will help you to find out everything you need to know about maintaining your garden when the colder weather hits, so you can have it looking beautiful all-year-round.

Protect your Plants

Road salt tends to wreak havoc on your soil and your plants. If you have areas that are exposed to heavy salt, then your salinity will rise and this can affect the overall life of your soil. On top of this, your plant roots and your foliage won’t be able to handle being exposed to salt too often. If you want to stop this from being an issue, then make sure that you protect any roadside plants with some fabric. Choosing some salt-resistant plants is a good idea, along with opting for salt-free ice melting products.

Make a Composting Pile

Visit a gardening centre near to you and ask to see if they can give you some wooden pallets so that you can make your own composting bin. A lot of garden stores would be happy to get rid of the extra pallets, not to mention that you can tie them together by using plastic zip-ties. If you put your bin in a sunny side of the garden, then you will have plenty of fertiliser before you know it.

Get rid of Dead Trees

Winter is a brilliant time for you to get any dangerous trees removed from your home. You won’t have any foliage to cloud your garden and it also means that you can get your space ready for when the warmer weather comes around. Arborists are usually more than happy to cut down any trees that need to go at this point as well, so make sure that you keep this in mind if you can.

Keep an Eye on any Winter Crops

Year-round gardeners have to make sure that they keep an eye on winter crops. If you have yours protected by a plastic greenhouse or a cold frame then you still need to make sure that you maintain them. You need to clear any snow away from the cover and you also need to stop the sunlight from being blocked as well. A sturdy broom is usually more than enough to get this done.

Prepare for your New Garden

Do you have plans to grow some new crops in the summer? If so, then now is the time for you to prepare your plant beds. You need to dig up any grass or weeds that might be present and you also need to make sure that you put some newspaper or even cardboard down too. If you place alternate layers of material such as pine needles, compost, leaves and even grass clippings over the grass then this will kill it off and leave you with a nice clean bed for the future. This is a fantastic way for you to ensure that you are going to get the best result out of your gardening experience. Your lawns can become very boggy during periods of heavy rain, should you consider using artificial grass?